Why join our Breeder Support Program?

With coverage designed for the life of a pet, Trupanion offers peace of mind for you and your clients.

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Quality breeding deserves quality healthcare

You spend time and energy caring for your litters, and they deserve great care for the rest of their lives. We help make that possible by providing your clients with fast access to our comprehensive pet medical coverage. With Trupanion, dogs and cats are protected from new, unexpected illnesses and injuries for life, whether they’re show champions or family pets.

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Easy to use

  • Our Go Home Day Offer waives any applicable waiting periods or deferred effective date. Just provide it to buyers, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • We provide free informational pet care kits to include in your puppy or kitten packs.
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One on one support

  • Your own dedicated Account Manager will serve as your Trupanion go-to throughout the partnership.
  • We’ll provide pet data and insights whenever you need it, helping you make informed decisions with future litters.
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  • Connect with both our team and fellow breeders at events throughout the US and Canada.
  • Join our exclusive Facebook group to network, share your experience, and be the first to learn about new offers.

Breeder Support Program FAQs

You have questions, we have answers.

The Breeder Support Program allows you to send your litters home with a special Go Home Day Offer. This offer allows your buyers to try out Trupanion so they can get a happy, healthy start in their new home. This offer waives any applicable waiting periods or delayed effective date. It also defers the activation cost*, so coverage starts immediately upon activation.

*If your buyers decide to continue their coverage after the first 30 days, they will have to pay the activation cost. Buyers in New York are ineligible for activation cost deferment.

It’s simple! Once you sign up, we’ll email you a PDF of your personalized offer. You have the choice of scheduling an email reminder to go to the buyers, or printing copies to send home with each pet. Most of our breeders do both. From there, it’s up to the new owner to call or go online within 24 hours to activate their coverage.

The Breeder Support Program is completely free to join—there will never be a cost to you.

Absolutely! We can cover pets anywhere in Canada, the US, or Puerto Rico. If you’re in Australia, head over to our Australian Breeder Support Program.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager when you join our program. While we are unable to compensate breeders for participation, your account manager will provide you with a PDF of your Go Home Day Offer and informational materials to include in your puppy/kitten packs. They can also provide you with reporting upon request to view how many of your buyers are taking advantage of the offer, as well as the types of claims submitted. We also periodically offer Trupanion goodies to show our thanks.

To activate, we just need to collect the owner’s contact information and some basic information about their pet. If your buyer already knows they want to continue with Trupanion or if they live in New York, we’ll also collect their payment information.

No. The buyer must be the one who activates their offer. There are two reasons:
  1. It's illegal for somebody to activate insurance in someone else's name unless you're a properly licensed producer/agent.
  2. When a breeder activates, buyers don't understand what they're getting and it can result in confusion about coverage resulting in a poor experience for the buyer.

No. Because of our 24-hour activation window, you can only provide offers with pets as they're leaving your home — not after they already left. We encourage buyers who have already received their pets to check with their veterinarian to see if they provide our Exam Day Offers.

You do not have to register your litter with us. It is up to your buyers to activate their offer. You just need to provide it to them, and let them know to activate within 24 hours of getting their new pet.

No. Due to insurance regulations, we're unable to incentivize breeders based on activations or enrollments.

Any new accident or illness is eligible for coverage, including hereditary and congenital diseases.* Depending on your location, some breeds may face restrictions for certain breeding-related conditions.

Like most pet insurance companies, we do not cover pre-existing conditions. This includes conditions that are already showing signs or symptoms prior to activation. Preventative and routine care (like spaying and neutering) are also not eligible for coverage. You can learn more about our coverage here.

You can also call us any time with your policy questions at 888.615.8318.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.

Monthly cost is based on a few factors, such as age, breed, gender, and location. If you or the new pet parent would like to get a better idea of what their monthly cost would look like, we encourage you to call us at 855.210.8749 or get a quote online.

No. While a lot of breeders have asked for this, it's not something that our current billing system supports. If you want to pay for your buyers, you would need to put your own payment information on the account, and then have the buyer call and switch it to their own payment information once the period of time ends.

We are unable to offer a discount for enrolling multiple pets.

No. At this time, we have no group plan for breeders. Each pet must be enrolled individually.

Unfortunately, our pricing model does not allow us to offer breeder discounts at this time.

Help protect them for life

You’re there for your litters. We’re here for you. No matter what breeds you focus on, we provide medical coverage that helps your animals receive quality veterinary care long after they go home.

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