Pet insurance: What makes Trupanion different?

We stand out from the pack by putting pets first. From Vet Direct Pay and unlimited payouts to coverage for all new, unexpected injuries and illnesses, we’re here to help your pet get the best care possible.

Do you have an offer from your veterinarian or breeder?

Take just a few minutes to activate your Exam Day Offer or Go Home Day Offer and get immediate coverage for your pet.

Truly unlimited coverage with the world’s fastest payouts

No caps ever

We never limit the amount we pay out, so your pet can always get the best care.

The fastest payouts

The world’s only provider to pay the bill in real-time at checkout – no waiting, no worries.

Trusted by vets

Over 25 years of helping vets treat pets, with $2 billion paid and counting!

Loved by 1 million pet parents

8 out of 10 members say our coverage helped save their pet’s life.

Trupanion goes beyond traditional pet insurance

When you compare Trupanion with traditional pet insurance plans, it’s easy to see that we do more to get your pet the best care.

Traditional pet insurance:


X iconPaying your whole bill upfront and waiting to get reimbursed

Checked iconHaving your vet paid directly and in seconds.

X iconSacrificing comprehensive care for a cheaper monthly rate

Checked iconOne simple plan that provides quality nose-to-tail coverage.

X iconRestricted payouts and reimbursement ceilings

Checked iconUnlimited payouts for the life of your pet

X iconIncreases rates or restricts coverage because you filed a claim

Checked iconWill never increase your rates or reduce coverage just because you had to use it

Can you afford a surprise $1,500 vet bill?

A Trupanion survey of North American veterinarians showed $1,500 as the average treatment cost where pet parents halt care. But with quality coverage protecting your pal, you can say ‘yes’ to veterinary care — no matter what life brings.



Vomiting & Diarrhea


Foreign Material Ingestion


Urinary Tract Infection




Dental Disease




Top conditions for cats

Whether they’re a rambunctious, curious kitten or a longtime friend, all cats need protection for illnesses and injuries.

Top conditions for dogs

From breed-specific conditions to eating things they shouldn’t, surprises are nothing new with canines. That’s where quality dog health insurance makes a difference.





Vomiting & Diarrhea


Foreign Material Ingestion




Lameness & Limping




*Costs based on real Trupanion member claims and are intended as informative examples only. Treatment costs can vary greatly between pets and location.

Every pet deserves protection

We’re proud to cover all cats and dogs, regardless of breed.

Dog insurance

Dog Insurance

From lap dwellers to frisbee athletes, every dog’s at risk of getting ill or injured. So, it’s best to get them protected while they’re puppies.

Cat insurance

Cat Insurance

From indoor snoozers to outdoor explorers, every cat is likely to experience a surprise injury or illness at some point in their nine lives.

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Loved by vets and pet parents alike

Read our reviews and find out why over 99% of members renew with us.

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