Cat insurance that cares for them like you do

right-icon#1 in America, as chosen by vets

right-iconUnlimited payouts for all nine lives

right-iconOver 136,000 cats and kittens protected

*Survey commissioned by dvm360, from 3/30-5/1/2023. Read more.


What makes Trupanion cat insurance the best?

Cats can be unpredictable. Their health insurance shouldn’t be. We provide convenient and comprehensive coverage — plus unlimited payouts and vets paid directly at feline speed.

No caps ever

We never limit the amount we pay out, so your pet can always get the best care.

The fastest payouts

The world’s only provider to pay the bill in real-time at checkout – no waiting, no worries.

Trusted by vets

Over 25 years of helping vets treat pets, with $2 billion paid and counting!

Loved by 1 million pet parents

8 out of 10 members say our coverage helped save their pet’s life.

Know they’re covered, from whiskers to

At Trupanion, we do cat insurance differently. Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive coverage for whatever comes up in your kitty’s nine lives.

Hereditary conditions

Unidentified issues

Unexpected injuries

Diagnostic tests

Breed-specific conditions

Advanced dentistry


Hospital stays


Veterinary supplements

Herbal therapy

Prescription food

Don’t let vet bills catch you off guard

With the right cat health coverage at your side, you can just say “yes” to your pet’s treatment without worrying about how to afford it. Oh, and we’ll never limit the amount or how often we pay out either.

Based on a $3,000 bill:

We pay 90%


You pay:


Based on a member plan with 90% coverage and a $0 deductible. See our policy for full coverage details.

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Cat illnesses and injuries can cost more than you think

We’ve paid over $2 billion in veterinary invoices, and we’ve learned some things along the way. About 45% of kittens will need veterinary care before their 1st birthday, and the costs for cat health in general can be tough to predict.

  • $10,161 - the highest payout for a single kitten
  • $1 million in cat allergies covered since 2018 alone
  • 89,200 veterinary invoices paid for cats in 2022

No more claims. We pay first. Vet Direct Pay

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We’re the world’s first (and only!) pet insurance provider to offer direct payment at checkout. No waiting. No hassle. No worries.

Your pet gets the treatment they need

Our software sends us the bill in seconds

We pay the vet directly at checkout

Discover Vet Direct Pay
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Our promise to you

  • We put pets before profit. If vet costs are lower than expected, we’ll pay it back.
  • We won’t increase rates just because your cat gets older.
  • We’ll never make you pay more for using your coverage.
Read our pricing promise
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