10 Reasons Why Black Cats Are the Best

By: Alyssa Little | Updated Oct 10, 2023


Front view of a black cat looking forward with orange eyes


It’s October, a.k.a the spookiest time of year! This season is about more than candy and costumes though — it’s also about black cats. These furry wonders are pretty much the mascots of Halloween.

We’re not just talking about black cat superstitions. October is Black Cat Awareness Month, a time to appreciate how awesome these kitties really are.

What is Black Cat Awareness Month?

You don’t have to be a superstitious person to know that “black cats are a symbol of bad luck.” Black cats have been declared to be evil omens as far back as the 13th Century, which many historians attribute to medieval leaders at the time trying to execute greater authority. The superstition that black cats can bring about bad things persists in modern times, but of course it's just a myth and is in no way scientifically true.

What is true, however, is that this widespread belief has come at a cost. One 2020 study of 8,000 cats in the United States found that black cats experienced both the highest rates of euthanasia and the lowest rates of adoption out of all cat coat colors. These cats may make for fun and beloved Halloween mascots, but there's still a lack in pet ownership when it comes to their needing homes.

Black Cat Awareness Month seeks to remedy this by bringing attention to the difficulties black cats face. The entire month of October is a time to promote black cat adoption and break down the misunderstandings that plague these wonderful felines.


Black cat with a saggy belly standing in a meadow


10 things to know about black cats

Whether you're looking to add to the family or just looking for some fun feline facts, there are lots of things to love about black cats. Here are 10 reasons why these kitties rock!

1. They’re ready to be adopted

Black cats are prevalent among the cat population in animal shelters. According to the ASPCA, black cats and dogs make up the majority of all incoming animals at 30 percent. That’s a lot of potential new friends to choose from!

Adopting soon? Keep your new furry family member safe this season by following fall pet safety.

2. Black cats are mysterious

Black cat superstitions are nonsense. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to have a pet that comes with a rich history of lore. Who wouldn’t want to have a feline family member that is supposedly magical?

Welcome a black cat into your home, and daily life is bound to feel a little more special.

3. Black cats come in a variety of breeds

Black cats themselves are not a specific breed. Instead, they’re simply a fur color that spans a wide variety of cat breeds. That means they come in all types of personalities and physical appearances. In fact, many black cats can be found among the friendliest cat breeds!

4. They have ancient origins

Black cats were already ancient by the time people started making up silly superstitions about them in the Middle Ages. Ancient Egyptians used to hold these majestic kitties in high esteem because they resembled the goddess Bastet and were believed to carry divine energy inside them.

Looking at black cats today, we think they’re definitely worthy of respect!

5. They’re great companions

If you find your kitty becoming your best friend faster than you thought possible, don’t worry—it’s totally normal to fall under the black cat’s lovable spell.

6. Black cats are pop cultural icons

If you find yourself wondering why your black cat struts around like he’s famous, there’s a reason for that. Remember Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus? Or Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina The Teenage Witch? What about Kitty Soft Paws from Puss in Boots? Black cats have deep roots in the TV shows and movies we love, solidifying them as pop cultural icons.

7. They match all your black clothes

Cat fur sheds…a lot. But you know who doesn’t have to worry about it much? You, and your black cat! Just pop on a black shirt and get in plenty of cuddles before you head out. No hours of lint rolling needed here.

8. Black cats take great photos

Wondering how photogenic your pet can be? Just check out Black Cats of Instagram and wonder no further.

9. Many black cats are low maintenance

Black cats come in a wide variety of breeds, many of which are super low maintenance, independent, and all out chill. Wondering why your feline friend hasn’t crossed your path in a while? Just check under the couch, on the windowsill, or on the bed—there’s a good chance your black cat is enjoying some laid-back “me time.”

10. They come dressed for the holidays

Looking for some adorably spooky décor? Oh wait, no need — your kitty is already sitting in the window! Black cats are practically celebrities when it comes to Halloween, and they sure make the season feel extra special. And when all the trick-or-treaters go home and the night is done, you’ll have a cuddle buddy to wind down with. What’s better than that?


Black cat in a Halloween collar looking up out of a pot


Should you adopt a black cat?

When you’re in search of a new furry pal, consider adding a little black cat to your tribe. Black cats come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, and it won’t take long to find one you mesh with. They may be known for adding a little Halloween magic this time of year, but they’ll be your best friend through every season to come.

Here’s how to protect your new furry friend with cat insurance.


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