Your bill is paid instantly with Vet Direct Pay

Rather than waiting to get reimbursed, we can pay your veterinarian right at checkout in seconds.

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Vet Direct Pay explained

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No waiting. No hassle. No worries.

Your pet gets the care they need

The vet sends us your bill

We pay the vet directly at checkout

The benefits of Vet Direct Pay

The days of waiting to be reimbursed hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars are over as we pay your bill for you directly at checkout.

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Less money upfront equals less stress

We take the financial headache out of an unexpected vet visit by paying your vet for you - right at checkout.

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Access to premium care

Bypassing reimbursement gives you the ability to seek out the highest quality of care without worrying about the price.

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Prioritize your pet's recovery

With the financial stress alleviated, you can focus on what matters most - the health and well-being of your pet.

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Not sure if your veterinarian has Vet Direct Pay?

Search for pet health providers and filter by Vet Direct Pay accepting providers

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Not a member yet? Get the care your pet deserves

We provide medical coverage for pets that's with you from the adorable puppy and kitten years to those sweet, sunset moments.

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