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Trupanion makes paying your vet
bills easy

Veterinarians across North America have been given access to Trupanian’s game changing payment solution. Rather than waiting to get reimbused, we can pay your veterinarian in seconds.


Easy claims process

If your veterinarian doesn’t have our software, our process to submit a claim is easy. Our team processes about 60% of claims in just 24 hours.


See any veterinarian

We’re taking a boldly different approach to pet medical care, focusing on your pet’s comfort while playing nice with your pocketbook.


We can pay your veterinarian directly

Get your veterinary bills paid in seconds with our patented software.

Vet Direct Pay explained

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We’re the world’s first (and only!) pet insurance provider to offer direct payment at checkout. No waiting. No hassle. No worries.

Your pet gets the treatment they need

Our software sends us the bill in seconds

We pay the vet directly at checkout

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