Why do Trupanion
pets live longer,
healthier lives?

We're dedicated to helping dogs and cats get the best care. According to a recent study, pets we cover live on average 2.5 years longer.* Just one more reason to choose Trupanion.

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8/10 members say our coverage helped save their pet's life

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Truly unlimited pet health coverage

Unlike other pet insurance providers, we’ll never limit the amount we pay for your pet’s care or reduce coverage. In fact, we’re proud to have paid over $2 billion in vet bills!

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No more waiting for claims with Vet Direct Pay

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Only we can pay your vet directly in seconds on the day of treatment — no waiting for reimbursement. Over 80% of Vet Direct Payments are made within 5 minutes.

Your pet gets the treatment they need

Our software sends us the bill in seconds

We pay the vet directly at checkout

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Our pricing
promise to you

At Trupanion, we put pets before profits. We’re committed to providing the best long-term value, with fair prices and total transparency to ensure your pet has access to the care they need for life.

  • We take a set amount of your monthly rate for vet costs (we’ll pay back the difference if costs are lower than expected!)
  • We won’t increase premiums just because your pet gets older.
  • You’ll never pay more for using your pet’s coverage.
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Vets say
we’re the best

Our unlimited payouts mean vets are free to focus on providing the best care for your pet. In a recent survey, they chose us as the #1 pet insurance in America.*

*Survey commissioned by dvm360, from 3/30-5/1/2023. Read more.

Trusted by veterinarians & pet parents alike

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There’s no comparison
with Trupanion

When we say our pet insurance is truly unique, we mean it. No other provider pays as fast as we do, and our coverage is as comprehensive as it gets.

Traditional pet insurance:


X iconPaying your whole bill upfront and waiting to get reimbursed

Checked iconHaving your vet paid directly and in seconds.

X iconSacrificing comprehensive care for a cheaper monthly rate

Checked iconOne simple plan that provides quality nose-to-tail coverage.

X iconRestricted payouts and reimbursement ceilings

Checked iconUnlimited payouts for the life of your pet

X iconIncreases rates or restricts coverage because you filed a claim

Checked iconWill never increase your rates or reduce coverage just because you had to use it

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