Payouts as unlimited as your love for them

At Trupanion, we know how much your pet means to you. That’s why we never limit how much we pay to cover the cost of treatment if they get ill or injured.

When we say no limits,
we. mean. no. limits.

For real. We’re all in on helping cover your pal’s unexpected veterinary costs. Unlike others, we’ll never put a cap on when or how much we pay out.

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No per-incident limits

We don’t limit payouts based on how much is claimed for a particular health condition.

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No annual limits

There is no cap on how much is paid out each year.

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No lifetime limits

We don’t put a cap on what is paid out over your pet’s lifetime.


What unlimited pet coverage looks like

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy throughout their lifetime, but sadly, that’s not always the case. Our unlimited payouts allow you to focus on your pet’s treatment rather than worrying about costs piling up. But hey, why talk when we can show you?

  • $12,545 — our highest payout for Arthritis
  • $7,110 — our highest payout for an allergy
  • $31,125 — our highest payout for Diabetes

Payouts for your pet’s lifetime

Your pet means everything to you. So, we cover everything they need.

Hereditary conditions

Unidentified issues

Unexpected injuries

Diagnostic tests

Breed-specific conditions

Advanced dentistry


Hospital stays


Veterinary supplements

Herbal therapy

Prescription food


Not all pet insurance payouts are created equal

You may notice that other pet insurance providers have different kinds of payout limits, but at Trupanion, we don’t believe in having them at all. No dog or cat should be denied treatment because of financial ceilings.

Veterinarians love Trupanion’s unlimited payouts

No vet wants to share difficult news concerning costs. Our unlimited coverage means they can focus on providing the best treatment available.

“Taking away the worry about finances helps clients focus on getting their loved ones quality care. It is like winning the lottery only having to pay a small portion.”

Heather Martland - Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, Calgary, AB

Cat at vet
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