Dog insurance that’s as non-stop as they are

yes.. Over 700,000 puppies and dogs insured

yes.. Breed-specific conditions covered

yes.. #1 in America as chosen by vets*

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What makes Trupanion dog insurance the best?

Surprise vet bills can be ruff, but the right dog health insurance keeps things simple. We provide the comprehensive coverage your pal deserves, paid faster than they can wag a tail.

Hand receiving money from having the best pet insurance provider

No caps ever

We never limit the amount we pay out, so your pet can always get the best care.

time saving

The fastest payouts

The world’s only provider to pay the bill in real-time at checkout – no waiting, no worries.

veterinarian presence

Trusted by vets

Over 25 years of helping vets treat pets, with $2 billion paid and counting!

heart message received

Loved by 1 million pet parents

8 out of 10 members say our coverage helped save their pet’s life.

Why Trupanion?

Coverage that’s always by your side,
just like they are

From swallowed toys to hip dysplasia (and everything in between), we’ve got your dog’s back for whatever life may toss their way.

Hereditary conditions

Unidentified issues

Unexpected injuries

Diagnostic tests

Breed-specific conditions

Advanced dentistry


Hospital stays


Veterinary supplements

Herbal therapy

Prescription food

Are you prepared for a surprise vet bill?

We’re here to make sure your dog can get the veterinary care they need, when they need it. And unlike other providers, we’ll never limit the amount or how many times we pay out.

Based on a $3,000 bill:

We pay 90%


You pay:


Based on a member plan with 90% coverage and a $0 deductible. See our policy for full coverage details.

owner patting dalmation at a hike badge of 2 billion dollars in invoices paid
owner patting dalmatian at a hike badge of 2 billion dollars in invoices paid

Dog illnesses and injuries can cost more than you think

Did you know 1 in 2 puppies need unexpected veterinary care before their 1st birthday? As we’ve learned while paying over $2 billion in veterinary invoices, pet parents often can’t plan or budget for their dog’s health treatment costs.

  • $27,351 - our highest payout for a single puppy
  • $81,000 - our single largest payout ever for a dog
  • $1.2 million covered in dog gastrointestinal upset claims in 2022 alone

No more claims. We pay first. Vet Direct Pay

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We’re the world’s first (and only!) pet insurance provider to offer direct payment at checkout. No waiting. No hassle. No worries.

Your pet gets the treatment they need

Our software sends us the bill in seconds

We pay the vet directly at checkout

Discover Vet Direct Pay
lady playing with 3 dachshunds on grass
lady playing with 3 dachshunds on grass

Our promise to you and your pup

  • We put pets before profit. If vet costs are lower than expected, we’ll pay it back.
  • We won’t increase rates just because your dog gets older.
  • We’ll never make you pay more for using your dog’s coverage.

Frequently asked questions

When your dog needs unexpected veterinary care, the costs can add up fast. A good dog insurance plan helps cover the costs so you can say “yes” to the treatment your pet needs without worrying about finances.

In the traditional dog insurance model, you pay the upfront costs of care on the day of treatment, then make a claim and wait for reimbursement. At Trupanion, we’re changing this model by being able to pay veterinarians directly on the day of treatment. This means less waiting and less financial worry for you, allowing you to spend more time focused on your dog’s health and recovery.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and their health insurance coverage is no different. Trupanion dog insurance prices can vary greatly between pets and are primarily based on the following factors:
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Location
  • Gender
For the best idea of what to expect with your dog health insurance rate, get a quote now or give us a call!

At Trupanion, we believe that all dogs — big or little, purebred or mixed — deserve access to the veterinary care they need. This is why we do not impose breed restrictions and cover all dog breeds.

The one exception to this is in our coverage for dog breeders. We still cover all breeds, but coverage for certain conditions may be limited for specific breeds.

Yes! We cover all kinds of dogs, including service dogs.

We do not cover spaying or neutering for dogs for a specific reason. Spaying and neutering are both considered voluntary procedures as well as something you can plan and budget for. We’re here so your dog’s new, unexpected veterinary costs aren’t a financial burden or obstacle to your pet receiving the care they need. By not covering expected or unnecessary treatments, we can ensure that you get the most value out of your dog health insurance plan.
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