What is a Medical Record Summary?

Here at Trupanion, we believe you deserve to know exactly what to expect from your coverage. That’s why all of our members receive a Medical Record Summary personalized just for their pet. This essential document details your pet’s health history, listing anything that existed before coverage began. 

How the Trupanion Medical Record Summary works

Any conditions that are listed on your pet’s Medical Record Summary are considered pre-existing and will therefore not be covered. By having this information upfront, you get to know exactly what to expect with your Trupanion coverage. 

We want to prevent any unwelcome surprises on your end, so we’re dedicated to delivering all of the coverage information you need right from the get-go. That’s why we make every effort to gather all of your pet’s medical records when you sign up. This way, your pet’s personalized summary document can arrive within your first 30 days of membership. 

If you have any questions about what’s on your Medical Record Summary (see the example below), just give our team a call! We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer all of your questions.

We’re unique in the industry in providing this level of transparency from the start. Why? Because we love informed decisions and want you to fully understand your pet’s coverage from Trupanion.

The Medical Record Summary also helps us spend less time reviewing medical records and more time approving claims, leaving you to get back to snuggles and belly rubs. And while we do our very best to collect all records, if additional medical records are uncovered after we issue your Medical Record Summary, we may alter and reissue your report.

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Get the care your best friend deserves

Get the care your best friend deserves

From lovable mutts to specific breeds, we provide medical coverage that’s with you from the adorable puppy years to those sweet, sunset moments.

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