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All pets deserve high-quality health coverage for life, at a fair price without surprises — that's our commitment.

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Pet health is

always our priority

At Trupanion, we monitor veterinary costs over time and by location. We share the financial risk of pet injuries and illnesses, so our members always have access to the care their dogs and cats need for life.

To put it bluntly, we put pets before profit. We take a fixed amount to pay veterinary invoices and if costs are lower than expected, we’ll gladly pay it back.

Dog with owner
Dog with owner

You’ll never pay

more just for using

your coverage

Having to use your pet’s coverage shouldn’t come with consequences, which is why we won’t hike your monthly cost when your pet needs care. After all, Trupanion is designed to cover all new, unexpected illnesses and injuries for the life of your pet.

Plus if we're paying veterinary invoices, it often means a pet is receiving life-saving treatment. We’re proud to say we’ve paid out over $2 billion in vet bills and counting!

Birthdays are for parties, not price increases

Most providers use your pet getting older as an excuse to charge more. We don’t. Once enrolled, your monthly costs will never go up based on your pet’s age.

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*We put our pricing promise into practice by grouping your pet along with others that are similarly situated in terms of the breed, where the pets receive care, and their age at enrollment. We call this group a “cohort”, and we use it to do the best we can to give your pet a fair and accurate price at sign-up. We’re not saying your price won’t ever increase — as veterinary costs go up, so will costs to insure your pet (whether with Trupanion or with others). So, we may adjust your price (up or down) over time if the claims experience of your pet’s cohort is different than what we expect when you sign up. But most importantly, we will never charge you more just because your pet has a birthday or if you use your coverage.

Happy dogs playing
Happy dogs playing

99% of Trupanion members renew

Pet parents love our lifetime coverage, and simple payment process — 99% of them renew their policy with us every month!

Frequently asked questions

Every pet is different and so is the cost of their health insurance. A two-year-old golden retriever in Chicago might have a different monthly rate than a five-year-old female Siamese cat in a rural region. The veterinary care available in your area can also be a determining factor. We encourage you to get a quote or give us a call for a better picture of what your cost with Trupanion will be.

Any one you like! With Trupanion, you can use your coverage anywhere your pet needs care — any licensed veterinary clinic, animal hospital or specialty hospital in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

If your veterinarian is set up for Vet Direct Pay, you don’t have to file a claim and wait to be approved. We’ll receive your invoice via our software, and we’ll process it right then and there while you’re checking out from your appointment.

If your veterinary hospital is not currently set up for Vet Direct Pay, we will send you a check in the mail. You also have the option to receive your claims payment directly into a checking or savings account via direct deposit. You can set this up by calling 888.733.2685.

No, and there’s a specific reason for this. Instead of relying on discounts and other gimmicks brought on by reduced coverage or increased general rates, we provide quality pet medical insurance at the best-value costs possible right from the start.

There are many ways to pay for your monthly pet medical insurance rate with Trupanion. You can pay by debit card, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or set up monthly bank account withdrawals and your premium will automatically be charged each month. If you have questions about your specific coverage costs or paying for insurance in general, just give us a call.
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