What’s a Trupanion Exam Day offer?

Because of your pet's recent veterinary exam, you're eligible for immediate coverage with no waiting periods.

Coverage that starts now

Offers waive our standard waiting periods, so protection kicks in when you activate.

Unlimited payout

We cover your pet’s new, unexpected illnesses and injuries for life with no cap on what we pay.

Peace of mind

Enjoy the benefits of Trupanion protection and coverage.

What’s covered with this offer?

Because of your pet's recent veterinary exam, we're proud to provide immediate coverage for your pet.

yes.. New, unexpected Illnesses & injuries

yes.. Hereditary & congenital conditions

yes.. Diagnostic tests

yes.. Surgeries

yes.. Medications & supplements

yes.. And much more*

*We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.

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How does it work?

Activate offer

Activate within 24 hours after your pet’s exam or adoption.

Experience no-cost coverage

Rest easy knowing your pet (and your bank account) are protected from the unexpected.

Continue coverage

Protect your pet for life and continue coverage after your offer ends.

Enter your offer code for immediate coverage

Offer must be activated within 24 hours of your pet leaving the veterinarian.

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If you received an offer from your breeder or shelter, click here to activate your coverage.

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Why do over 800,000 pet parents love us?

Everything that's covered in our standard policy is covered under our offer program. This special offer needs to be activated within 24 hours of your pet’s veterinary exam.

No payout limits

We cover your pet’s condition for life with no cap on what we pay.

We pay bills the fastest

We can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout so you don’t have to wait on reimbursement

Trusted by vets

We’re #1 in America as chosen by veterinarians with coverage you can count on

Loved by members

Trupanion is committed to providing care and coverage for the life of your pet

You have questions, we have answers

Check out our insurance FAQs or call us at 855.210.8749. In the meantime here’s what we are often asked:

We created this special offer to introduce medical insurance for pets to pet parents whose pets, ideally healthy young pets, were recently examined by a veterinarian or adopted from a shelter or breeder. For 30 days, pet owners will receive the standard Trupanion policy with immediate coverage and a $250 deductible - that means no waiting periods!

Any one you like! Some pet health insurance providers limit you to a “veterinary network” of animal hospitals, but we believe your pet deserves the best care regardless of location. With Trupanion, you're free to go to any licensed veterinarian in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

The coverage will end in 30 days unless you decide to continue your coverage by purchasing a policy. You can continue coverage at any point during the 30 days, and won’t be charged until your 30 day period expires. However, if the 30 day coverage ends, and you decide to purchase a policy later, your coverage under that policy will be subect to usual waiting periods (see policy for details and any injury or illness that was covered during the offer period would be considered pre-existing.

All cats and dogs under 14 years of age are eligible to enroll for lifelong coverage. Pets that have received a veterinary exam within the last 24 hours are eligible for an offer.

There isn’t one. You don’t need to provide payment information until you decide to continue coverage. We’re so confident that once you try Trupanion, you’ll realize the value of protecting your pet and permanently join the Trupanion family.

We’re always ready to help

Our customer care team is available 24/7/365.

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