How can you tell if a condition is pre-existing for a recently adopted pet?

The vast majority of pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. So, it’s reasonable to wonder how they can be detected at time of enrollment in the first place. At Trupanion, we want to be as open and transparent about your coverage as possible, so we’re happy to divulge this information.

Uncovering your pet’s medical history

When you file your first claim with us, all available medical records from adoption through any applicable waiting periods (if you've had your pet less than 18 months) will be requested. If you've had the pet longer than 18 months, then the collected medical records will date back 18 months prior to policy inception through any applicable waiting periods. A claims specialist on our team then reviews your pet's provided medical history to assess whether a condition is pre-existing or not.

For new pets, we put together a personalized report that collects all possible health history information and lists out any pre-existing conditions. By having a copy of this report, you get to know exactly what will not be covered going forward.

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Get the care your best friend deserves

Get the care your best friend deserves

From lovable mutts to specific breeds, we provide medical coverage that’s with you from the adorable puppy years to those sweet, sunset moments.

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